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Power Within Peace Without

Holistic Therapist + Love Witch

I’m just the Glinda to your Dorothy. The power is always yours. ♥️

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Who I Am and What I Do

My name is Anne. My joy is helping you feel better, whatever that means for you. Maybe that's alleviating your physical pain from a chronic condition or injury. Maybe it's guiding you into deep relaxation and inner calm, or profound emotional and physical release. Whatever the reason for your visit, you're most welcome.😊

As you relax into an energy healing session with me (whether in person or remote), you can expect a lovingly and intuitively co-created multi-dimensional experience that brings in both your spirit team (loved ones, ancestors, guides, allies, etc.) and mine. The secret sauce is allowing and holding a vibration of unconditional love and deep soul connection.

Benefits frequently reported by my clients include pain relief, fast recovery from injuries and illness, feeling less anxiety and more peace, having a sense of calm well-being and relating to themselves and others in a more loving and authentic way.

I also offer Intuitive Empowerment sessions. Tapping into my background in massage therapy, bodywork and energy work (as well as my personal underworld/shadow journeys), I developed an integrated approach to healing and wellness - one that sees you as a unique whole person, and addresses your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual concerns in a holistic manner. Think of me as the Glinda to your Dorothy. The power is always within you. Sometimes you just need a loving, present partner to be your mirror. ♥️

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"I want to share my experience with doing work with Anne. I really can’t say enough, but I’ll try! Her calm spirit is contagious and she listens intently and with so much compassion. Mostly she is supremely INTUITIVE! She’s been right about so many things that were happening in my life and she’s helped me so much to achieve grounding and brought a sense of peace to chaotic situations. I recommend her highly for in person as well as remote healing. Her positive and KIND energy is truly genuine."

Kelly W.

"I was having issues with my blood pressure medication. I was unable to function. My doctor was hesitant to lower my dosage. I called Anne to give me a long distance Reiki treatment and to scan my body with her medical intuitive expertises. I found peace and tranquility and began the lower blood pressure medication. All is well now. My favorite part of working with Anne is the follow up visit, not just once but 2 follow up contacts. The BEST distance Reiki healing I have ever experienced. I will return as a client."

Christina M.

"I’m not going to say…praise the Lord I’m healed after one session…but I kind of am…lol…I was in excruciating pain from a ruptured disc…Anne offered me a beautiful remote session and within 3 days my pain had subsided…at the time I was receiving the reiki I didn’t know if/what was happening but something definitely did! XOXO ‘IT’S ALL ENERGY’!!! THANK YOU!"

Wendy L.

"Thank you Annie! Your intuitive power and connection are incredible. The sense of levity that I arose from after our session is priceless. In a world where everyone thinks they need a quick fix or a pill to bring peace, it is a practice such as yours that actually brings peace into the heart."

Lana V.

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I’m Here for You

How does a remote energy healing session work?

We won't be in contact (in the literal sense) during the session. We'll set up a time that works for you, when you're able to lie down and relax for about an hour. I just need to tune into your energy in order to do the session.

Can you explain your healing modalities?

I trained in the three levels of classical Reiki, and I've been a Reiki practitioner for over twelve years. I've also studied with Jeffrey Allen and Donna Eden, both widely regarded as masters in the field of energy work. I draw on my training as a holistic massage therapist as well. And of course, there's always a huge intuitive component!

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